Agromart Nepal is committed to fascilitate the easy access of plants across the whole country. We believe that the farmers or the people who want to invest in plantation, forestation should have easy access to the appropriate plants. We have noticed that most of the regions have very high capabilities for some plants but the geographic and various factors prevent people from getting plants.

Considering the high demand, sometimes, we face difficulty in providing our services to everyone. So, we open a dealership program which lets you join hands with us following terms and conditions. The dealership program is a beneficiary program for the both ends and remember that you will be taking ta mojor part in making the nature more beautiful than ever.

No Dealership Programs Currently Available !

How To Become a Dealer ?

1. Find an appropriate dealership program.

The dealership programs will be shown just nearer to these steps. If not shown, it's because the dealership program is currently not available and will be shown as soon as the program opens.

2. Click on the selected dealership form link.

The form will be linked with external dealership form link. Once you find the appropriate dealership program for you, click on the program link and you will be redirected to fill up the form.

3. Fill up the form.

Once you are redirected to the form location, you should fill up the form with accurate details so that we can contact you after reviewing it.

4. Wait for the response.

You will be contacted by our team after you form has been reviewed. So, be patient and note that you do not need to re-submit again. You can also directly contact us to know more about dealership program.