Welcome To Agromart Nepal

Agromart Pvt. Ltd. is the leading specialized agricultural company in Nepal started back in the year 2013. Behind the foundation of Agromart lies single expert who came with the vision of creating a company which not only serves its clients but, more importantly, serves all nation for commercial farming. Agromart wishes to conjunction with local farmers and organizations, provides technical support on improved methods of plantation and cultivation on an ongoing basis. We work with farmers, agricultural investors, government agencies, I/NGOs, and UN agencies to ensure that up-to-date and context-appropriate agricultural knowledge can be implemented effectively at the field level where it matters most. A professional team with several years of experience in different areas of agricultural expertise, we serve our clients by providing high-quality technical solutions and research.

Agromart is a supplier, wholesaler, trader, and retailer of plants and agricultural products. We sell seeded, grafted, layering, and bonsai plants and products for house gardening, rooftop gardening, small-scale farming, and commercial farming with long-term technical support.

Our Company

Agromart Nepal is a company registered to the Government of Nepal. We provide legal documents for auditing and billing if we are required to provide such. To meet us, please find the contact information in the contact page.

Our Team

We have a very active and experienced team. The team provides various supports including advising on what, where and how to plant. The team also works very hard to make and publish document brochures of respective plants.


We have a dedicated team of support staffs to assist farmers and the plant-ers in many ways as required. The support team can be contacted at any time during office hour and any relevant questions will be answered without hesitation.